Do I Trust You? (Jesus pt. 82)

I read this post this morning and thought about how many of us need to hear this and ask God this question. There is something in this post that strikes a chord in each one of us, some area of our life that we need to let go of to let God take control. This post challenged me and I hope it challenges you.


2 thoughts on “Do I Trust You? (Jesus pt. 82)

  1. Ah yes, Deanna is one of my favorite bloggers and she certainly touched the deepest places in my own heart with this one. Sometimes, I think we all find it challenging to truly trust God in difficult circumstances. She certainly gave me a lot to think about. Thank you for sharing this beautifully written post.


    1. Just the other night, I had the chance to begin to teach my cousin and my sister what it meant to trust God. Trust is so much more than just a word that describes what we should do in difficult or scary circumstances, it has a lot to do with faith. That night there was a storm and my cousin was scared of the lightning catching something on fire. My sister and I turned on the light and began reading her scriptures about fear and how God is there with us every second, but it all lead back to trusting God, something I still find difficult to do even after he has proven himself every time. Whether it be a spiritual or physical storm, trusting God can be hard thing to do. Which is why I loved this post and wanted to share it. To me, it was a surrender statement that needed to be said. Through everything, he deserves my trust, because he promised he would be there and will be.


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